Reviews for "Buried Alive! 2008 by EO"

Pretty fun

This is a pretty fun game though one of the most pressing issues I had with it was the lack of background music. The sound effects you did have though were great for the purpose they served. For the levels I did play you had very interesting an amusing themes (such as the pirate ship) and your idea of having each type of material react a different way really gave this game more depth than just the same old "avoid the blocks!" type games. And the graphics were pleasent, not too flashy but they served their purpose well.

EntropicOrder responds:

I looked through music loops and found it very difficult to get the right track for the game and I decided to just not include one. Next game I'll be sure to settle on one and put it in though. Thanks for the comments!


Amazing game, I loved it! I found it pretty challanging too (quite hard) and I think it is front page worthy.

Congrats and I hope to see some more stuff from you soon. I'd like to give it some critisicm, but I can't think of any!

So good!


EntropicOrder responds:

I like a good challenge and I think NG fans do. I've got another puzzle type game that I'm planning to release in the next month or two so you will definitely see more from me.

in my eyes

in my eyes your game is the best i played in days 1 flaw and its not really a big prob but the speed is a pretty annoying prob....otha than that perfect score 5/5

EntropicOrder responds:

Thanks!! There's a good chance I'll be speeding it up if others feel similarly.

Speed it up!

Good premise, good animations, diverse levels. But please, PLEASE speed up the game play! I understand you're giving the player time to think but it takes forever just to beat one level! I wouldn't mind having a music track either. Rather quiet compared to what I'm used to.

Other then that I have no complaints about the game, I thought it was pretty solid. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more from you.

EntropicOrder responds:

I'm debating on the speeding up suggestion. Others have suggested it too, but others have said it was way too hard, so I'm not sure if the latter crowd would find it even harder if it was faster. I will consider it based on more user feedback.

You will definitely be seeing more from me in the near future. :)

Fun game

Reminds me of an old game for regular nintendo. I enjoy the classic style games. Got 45,000 points :-o

EntropicOrder responds:

I took some inspiration from games like Dr. Mario and Yoshi's Cookie. :) Classic games rule.