Reviews for "Super Mario 3 Parodys 3"


i think its great and DOES NOT need some work


Nice job!


dude ignore the guy called the-master-tommy hes being a hypocrite all his work just plain out sucks hes just jealous cuz your work i will admit isnt the greatest but still has twice the score of almost all of his work keep trying dude it made me giggle once just keep trying!


nice audio but somewhat weird...
keep up

MarioFlashMovies responds:

That's Wired.. i'll type Preloader... WTH?!

I use the preloader of flash 5 instend of flash 8 and i tape filters!

Needs to be Optomized

I think it was pretty good. You're new at Flash and I think this stuff is better than what most people that are new create so I give you a round of applause.

Somethings you could improve on:
Instead of skewing Mario to look to the left when he's looking to the right. You can go to > Modify > Transform > Flip to Horizontal and it flips mario the other way around.

Try to use the Optimization feature on your work to compress everything smaller. Compress audio and stuff. It will make the file from 10 megabytes to like 1 lol.

Nice job though. Could use a bit more work. Maybe you can create a story now instead of parodies? Like have a beginning middle and end and have the story progress to each one with time. I'd only do that once you learn how to get the file size lower by optimizing! Best of luck, nice work

MarioFlashMovies responds:

Yes, I working on a story and WTF is the Optimization feature?!