Reviews for "Super Mario 3 Parodys 3"


Honestly, I didnt find myself laughing, more like a 'wtf' laugh (not in a good way). Almost every joke (and there's 4 of them) consist of mario getting hit by something, or some kind of low budget explosion. Not to mention, the sprites were out of scale, and some tweens were overly slowed down, which doesnt leave a good impression of effort. The whole thing was just sloppy.

And learn to compress sound, please...

too big

For a sprite parody with 4 scenes (which werent that funny) the file size was big and by the way half of those didnt make sense in a non-funny kind of way..... For your next parody make the file size smaller and try to use better effects and some scenes that actually make sense..

MarioFlashMovies responds:

Right I Have 215 Libery items and creadits!


i think its great and DOES NOT need some work

Needs some work

Dude! The filesize was way too big and I honestly didn't like this.Don't get angry but I thought it was boring and it made me very sleepy and you should had inserted more effort in making this.There are so many mario parodies in newgrounds and we don't need more that are not that good to watch. Next time you make another movie please make sure its as good as the
other mario parodies I've watched. Okay this a long review I'll stop now.


nice audio but somewhat weird...
keep up

MarioFlashMovies responds:

That's Wired.. i'll type Preloader... WTH?!

I use the preloader of flash 5 instend of flash 8 and i tape filters!