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Reviews for "Bomboozle"

its ok

I think its alot of the same over and over again so if you made some really different game types I think it will be better.

(falled in sleep)

The idea is good but there nothing special about it it just the same thing again and again and again there will come other creaturs but that all it's getting boring.

UH... UH...

It leaves me speachless, but not exactly in a good way. you should try making games that are more closly related to 1rst person shooters/ adventure. if ur going to do platform games, they HAVE to be humerous.

Megadev responds:

Sorry mate, I don't know what I was thinking...:-S

This is...

not original. There isn't really anything that sets it apart. Also, way to easy. I got a 15 row of green blobs. If you get past the part that there are 10 of these games on NG alone, it is good. The graphics are nice, but the music is really low, and hard to here, unless my volume is cranked way up. Also, I liked the ability to get bombs as a reward. That was nice, but getting 6 in a row was way to easy. Well, 6/10, 4/5.

It's ok

I don't know... it doesn't play well for me. Drawing lines rather than clearing groups is a different idea; well done, but I didn't enjoy the play-style.