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Reviews for "Bomboozle"

its okay, pretty good

It is pretty fun, for what it is. I got bored after a while, though.

Good, but slow.

This is a very good, fun game, but I'm constantly frustrated by not being able to make chains when pieces are falling. I have to wait for everything to happen before I can start again, and it made me stop playing after a short while because I felt inhibited.


it was a good concept, i liked it, it could've used a level play or something like that, just matching stuff for a while gets boring.

Megadev responds:

I'll definitely include levels if I get to do a sequel, thanks for the suggestion!

While this is the worst of the series it's still really cool. I like how unique it is to kill the blobs, the music is good, the art design is good, and the backgrounds are nice a colorful. However, this isn't as addictive as 2 or 3, and they have better music, and art design. This is my least favorite of the series, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game at all, but 2 and 3 are much more addictive and a lot better than this.


So this was a fun and fresh looking game you have here, I love the vibrant colors you have in this game and the machanics of the game are nice very tricky and lots to remember but overall this was a fun game you have here so nice job on the game here.

A fun and vibrant game no changes needed.