Reviews for "Bomboozle"


IT WAS PERFECT i never played any other of the game modes and i found it very cute so bravo!


i dont see the point in this game it gets boring realy realy fast for me im just not into drawing a line and watching monkey skulls explode

pretty close to perfect

this game was really fun and a great puzzle game. nice cutesy graphics and good gameplay modes. my only complaint is that once you finish a game or lose, you can't go straight back to the game mode choosing screen. other than that spectacular game and really fun!

Megadev responds:

That's a good suggestion - I'll bear it in mind for my future games, or any updates I make to Bomboozle :-). Thanks for all of the positive feedback; for some reason players who review the game on Newgrounds seem to be more appreciative than those on Shockwave!

T'was a good game!

And I love the little man at the side too much.

Completely adorable

I didn't really expect much from this game. But the two things that make it fun are drawing, and the graphics. Completely adorable and colorful! Definitely makes the game more fun. You are supposed to draw matches of blobs together, and the more you string together in one, the more points you get. ^_^