Reviews for "Bomboozle"

Deeper than it looks

I found surprising depth in it, for a puzzle game. Anyone writing "lame, it's just like others" has not saved up 3'ers and then carefully arranged skulls to get six of them in a row to get another bomb to survive another round. And now I think I need to stop finding depth in it because it is affecting my work. Excellent job.

Entertaining for all ages, due to the cute graphics, decent music, and depth of strategy.

Oh, and the cute graphics help defuse any frustration from the chips not falling your way.

Its an alright game...

i really like the cartoony style of this game but there are so many others like this around the drawring part of it really isn't that original so only a 6. good effort though.

yo, just to tell ya.

ur leaderboards are stuffed in infinite. just sayin.

This is just

Lame.. sure people will get easily entertained out of it.. but besides that its extreally boring and isnt very original. Theres alot of other games Identical to this, you can do better =]

Cool Game

I liked the colorful round cartoon style. Also the drawing lines made it fun too :)