Reviews for "Bomboozle"

Won't work for me :S

Dunno what the problem is but the game won't start for me. I can see the title text but the menu is invisible but I can click on buttons and so on. :S

ingenious game!

this is my favorite "matching" game of all time. i loved the graphics, music, and style of the game. I myself feel like you are a genius for coming up with such a great game. But like fistzilla said, "maybe change the board at intervals, like levels, to keep the game just a little more interesting." that is the only thing that i can see needs improvement. great work!

this is sweet

this game is pretty fun....... but........ it gets boring sometimes....... and it chalanges ur brain......... gah!............ and um.. this may be a stupid question but i forget how to blam can someone re-teach me?

Loved it.

Keep it up.


One of the best games i've played in a long time.