Reviews for "Bomboozle"


Cute!, but not really my kind of game, for the nice desighn, the "cuteness" and the work, i`ll give you 8/10 pts.


I can easily say this is one of the most inovative games I have played in quite some time. I mean, the premise of the game was pretty unoriginal, just destroy the boxes that touch eachother. But that line drawing system you used to destroy the blocks made this game fun and addicting more then it could ever be without.

That just shows you how a small feature can really drastically change a game for the better because I know that if you just click on on a clump of the tiles, this wouldn't be getting a 10/10

Anyways it was also good that you gave us the choice of three pretty good playing modes. The infinity or whatever was good for those just want to keep playing. The timed was a good idea, but the time REALLY needed to be shortened. I'd say probably around a minute or two would be the best because when you think of timed, you would think of rushing to get as many blocks cleared as you can in a short amount of time. Or better yet, let us chose how long.

The skull game mode is where there was a lot more skill. (Also I'm not exactly sure if the skull killed you when they hit the bottom since I always ran out of moves before it got there, so I'll just asume they do) It made you think a few turns ahead of yourself so that you could aline the skulls so you don't die. The bombs were also a nice addition, I think there range of destruction should have probably been lowered though.

Anyways great game man, definantly one of the better puzzle games out there. Good job.

Megadev responds:

Thanks very much for the positive feedback - it's great to hear that people are enjoying the game. :-) I think you're right about the time limit in timed mode; it is a bit too long. I'm sure I'll be doing another puzzler before the year's out, so I'll bear that comment in mind. You're probably right about the bombs' range too! :-)


its ok


veeeery fun game


This game is one of those games you cant just play once, you have to play again!