Reviews for "Bomboozle"


I cant see anything at the title thing all i see is the word bomboozle and these werid
foggey colors.So how do I play?

timed games messed up

~the graphics are awesome and adorable (i dont say cute!)
~it said time was up when i had 14something left i thin it was 147 seconds left
~other then that, great job, love it~~

Megadev responds:

Ah...are you sure that you hadn't run out of groups? Thanks for the feedback. :-)

cute and fun

nice game to play if you want to relax. it's easy enough and the layout is nice. i like how clean the graphics are, its cute too :D

Very nice =]

It was entertaining! Although I've seen quite a few games like this, it was still unique. The cute colors/graphics/sounds added it to, but my favorite part was how you drew with a pencil
I like these kinds of games where you match pieces together, and the style of this one really added to it and made it stick out in my mind!
Overall, nicely done! Thanks for creating this game <3

Pure delight

It's hard to tell what's best about this game: the cute and colourful visuals that are just delightful to look at, the remarkably intuitive control system that would be perfect for a DS, the longevity added by the online leaderboards, or the pure addictiveness that is a must for any puzzle game.

A sublime twist on the puzzle genre, it is hard to fault this in any way. Brilliant, just brilliant.

10/10 - Perfect!