Reviews for "-Clouds-"

it's great

i've been listening to your stuff for a while, and i like most of it =P

i was wondering, what did you use for the strings in this song?

This was a great piece

This was amazing. I loved your 8-bit clouds initially, so this is almost like revisiting an old nostalgic classic. It sounds like a whole orchestra decided to offer its appreciation for your work by playing this song from earlier in your musical career. Well, as per my review style, it is time to break it down:
The beat and tempo is fun, and the musical instruments provide a very uplifting melody. Despite it being a revisit, it is original enough to still be very entertaining to listen to. Even if it shares an almost identical melody, I would still consider these two songs to be their own individual works. This one is well deserving of 9 stars. Maybe I'm just biased from enjoying your original 8-bit clouds so much, but this piece will continue the trend of being stuck in my playlist being repeated for an extraordinarily long time. I highly recommend this song to those who enjoy the original, or just want something fun to listen to for a while. As usual, the variation in instrumentation makes sure that the song never feels "stale" or like it is repeating itself. Congratulations, Waterflame, you have turned out another amazing work.