Reviews for "-Clouds-"

Amazing :D

I'm not a good critique-er of music. All I know is that it sounds awesome.

i feel so happy!

this song reminds me of the ending of a awesome film and the guy i s looking up at the sky in a plain of grass then the credits roll in

i see a town...

or a field or something, a place thats both peaceful and upbeat.
i can actually see this in a flash game, or even a real video game.


Nice music man.

Feels go familiar

I'm going to be hounest and give it a 9. For 2 reasons.
1. Too much came in at once in the chorus
2. Although this song was really good a 10 is song that is literally amazing with no flaws what so ever like Chaos japan. I do love your sense of creativity though and i hope to see more of your songs get in the daily winners!