Reviews for "Spectrum Genesis"

Quality work

Calm kind of a game, with leisure pace, and retro feeling. Although i couldn't really figure out how to avoid those spikes, (to jump or not to jump) mostly i got lucky. Sometimes not :-) Watch out for brainy puzzles.

Very nice animation-wise, and cool script-wise. My only complaint would be replayability. I might return to it a few times to see if i can beat it or not, but wouldn't play it as much as the Dark Cuts, you know what i mean. But deserves that 5.

Fun game....

But, in the beggining at least, it may take some getting use to.

Great game

I've been wanting to play Spin Doctor for a while and this hits the spot. You did a great job of capturing the mechanics of the game. All in all, good job!


very good game, gameplay is various and music is calm and relaxing. a perfect 10 minutes game, with a retrĂ² style wich add cooliness to the game. make more like this!