Reviews for "Spectrum Genesis"

Master of flash games: ARMOR GAMES!!!

Way to go, man! Your spectrum game is fun and addicting. Everyon come and play this game or else!

nothing special

i wasnt really entertained and i stopped playing after a few levels. not really addiciting 2 me

Spin Doctor!

An amazing "clone" of Spin Doctor.
I was addicted to that game, as I am addicted to this..
This is quite a bit harder, though...

Hard AND Awsome

Super cool game. Also very, very, hard

No taste in music?

You mean if you do have a taste of music. My iPod had just died so I had to listen to the music in iTunes. If there was no mute button I wouldn't have been able to hear the good music. And I wouldn't have been listening to the game music anyway. And without a taste of music, I would have never needed an iPod. XP