Reviews for "SC Guitar Maniac Dx 3"

It was intertaining and i liked the songs, personally i prefered number 2. but just before i wrote this review i was on another page where i played number 4. Why isnt it here yet or cant i find it? Number 4 i find the coolest, due to kinda like missions one has in between


This game was okay. I thought SCGMD2 was a lot better. I do not like the new style or the addition of the F key. The addition of the F key made other keys like A and S feel akward and hard to press at times. I felt that most songs were relatively the same and I got bored after a couple of minutes. I felt that SCGMD2 was better because of its greater divercity of songs, not to mention its higher amount of songs than this version. Despite all this though I still thought it was a very good game. The amount of effort put in definitely shows! The new animations were great and the new guitars felt more realistic. I love how the style change with guitar you chose.
Overall this was an amazing game and I hope to see a new one.


Anyone else notice that the 3 in the title looks like a pair of balls? :P

love this game

am i the only one who actually seems to do better in this game when my mind starts to wander randomly while playing?

all time #1

really" EPIC"