Reviews for "SC Guitar Maniac Dx 3"

Can't give this a good rating. Arrow keys are Terrible to use for a game like this.

Sorry but i can't rate these games high. i love guitar hero and i love game that do that right. arrow keys are not suitable for this type of game. this should only use numbers. know why? because they appear on your keyboard in a row. and then sudden;y they do use the numbers?!?! so the numbers always represent the start of a long note right? That could have been the same button as the single tap button, which should have been the number.

music is good but its easyer but the music they could have made part 4 have the sound mistake if you press the wrong thing

Harder than 4th D:
Worst thing is that 4th is not maded by you XD
But no matter, I'll reach for the "Holy Hell" >:D

Now I know how much people will hate me for this, but I think this one is the best in the series. The hit detection is spot on, the soundtrack is awesome and memorable, the game itself looks awesome, and
the taking out of two modes made the expirience feel alot more balenced. The only bad thing about this game that I can say is that it is a very short game. 5/5!