Reviews for "Midna Hentai Game Demo"

Nice animation

I was suprised that you made a Midna hentai game. I kinda felt uneasy about playing it sense that i like the game but whatever it's still good.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing demos even though they are not full versions there still good 10/10 5/5


Are my hero, Zone Sama.

pretty good as always

this is great, like all your entrys, what i dont uderstand is why dont you just de-part from hentai-key adn submit full games? im sure you could find another hentai site that is free but could as easy pay you for your outstanding work! but over-all, this was a great game, good job!


Man can I tell you, you are the bomb at makin hentai flashes!!! Keep up the good work; snoop6868