Reviews for "Midna Hentai Game Demo"

look at links face!xD

Kinda ruined the game for me, but still a good flash game.

Zone-Sama make a hentai of Diabolik Lovers anime pleace pleace

I remember playing this way before i got into the LoZ series.

Can you imagine my face when i finally started playing Twilight Princess?? Every time Minda makes a noise my brain thinks back to this video....

Still, fucking awesome hot game :D May all LoZ fans rejoice!

Having played the full version myself, I gotta say this is one of my favorite hentai game things. It was done well and has more variety than many other decent hentai games out there. Anyways, this was definitely the reason why Link was able to continue his journey in Twilight Princess, he always had help keeping the stress down lol.