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Reviews for "Charlie the Unicorn 2"


really random but what the hell WAS up with the "Z"? i've seen this tons of times along with #1 and i only come up with one theory... it's a involvment in the randomness

Yeah uh...

I was a huge fan of Charlie the Unicorn 1 and will continue to quote it at random yet appropriate intervals, howeverI found that to be a waste of time. I have to wonder if you only did it because it seemed like a good idea or if you just got bored or what? That wasn't great. It wasn't good. It get's a two because I found slight amusement in the weird noises the two made and the face that I love the first one. Still don't give up, but it just feels like you did this for the publicity whereas number one was for the lulz and it showed.


ive seen this movie before, its hillarious!


While it may not be the best flash out there, it remains true to the style established in the first one, and is still friggin hilarious


i guess its a six. mostly because im not sure i loved it or hated it. strange...