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Reviews for "AVOID (G5G)"

Half and half...

The graphics and design to this game were very well done. Animations were fluid, controls seemed decent...I'd have to suggest you don't give "shout outs" like that in the game. I stopped looking up at the word box after a while because of it, and missed what apparently was going to happen next. Still, decently designed.

Then comes the flaw that killed it all. The game is so simple I felt almost bored to play it. Most letters require little to no movement between them and as someone else stated, besides moving to get a battery, I barely had to move at all. It seems as if you have a good eye for designing but maybe not a good eye for creating? I don't know...it's odd. I just think that the game poses no difficulty and really is so simple that it became boring to play. I got halfway through hard and realized I was pretty much wasting my time doing something simple for no reason. A little challenge wouldn't be that hard to add, but would be really helpful.


Good hell dude... other then for getting batteries I probly had to move my robot 7 times. That was probly one of the worst games ive ever played. I want to say worst but that would barley be untrue.
I know for sure you can do better then this. If you can work whatever progam you used to throw this peice of shit together then you can make something better. And please for the love of your desire to make video games do cuz this was absoloutly horrible. The best constructive critisizm I can give it start all the way over.
I award you no stars and may god have mercy on your soul.

i like it!

the game is really good,u make some good work here,but it is playable only at easy mod...

Lacking Something

Was a fun game for about 5 minutes then I got bored. The game seems to be lacking something. Maybe make the letters move or come from off screen or something more interesting.

Surprisingly Interesting

At first I was surprised at how easy and simple the game was, but in the middle of medium difficulty I started reading all the facts scrolling across the top of the screen and was very entertained. Basically it was kind of like watching a comedy while playing tetris, it just made my brain happy.

I commend you on your script (As in the text, not the code, you nerd :P) writing capabilities and I enjoyed the game.