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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

Sad reality

This flash speaks to me in so many ways its not even real! Last year I was kicked out of an IB (Honors) Art Class because my stuff wasn't "good enough" yet when we went to visit a museum, the stuff there was utter waste compared to my stuff. For crying out loud one was a rectangle half-green and half-black. Thats all it was. I've seen soap with more ornate designs than that. But i was kicked out because my work had "no meaning" which is total b.s. because it was full of meaning to those who would want to look for one, unlike the idiots who were in charge of determining its "art value". This flash speaks to all people like me whose art isn't given its proper respect because someone somewhere for some reason is saying what is art and what isn't simply because of what they think. This flash has good animation, great voicework, and one hell of a point. 5/5 10/10 and hopefully this will show alot of people the truth about the corrupted art world.


That is some straight truth right there. Pure unapolagetic historical fact. Oh, and I especially dug the Evangelion reference. Classic.

true alot of it's true

your absolutlely right but are you in your 30s because your naarrating these should be in school because there was nothing funny about it was more like an edication film the cartoons were ok but did'nt get my attension the truth in this did

I liked it!

the animation was good, sound quality was awsome, and it was an allround good flash.

V monster review V

I love you

and I'm so very happy you threw this into the fine selections of newgrounds.com