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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"


See...This is what I like seeing people do with flash...

You make an insightful, entertaining, and funny as hell flash movie about wtf is going on in the art world. Sure, pieces like The Mona Lisa are going to be famous, just because they are old (but not particularly nice... Have you seen it in person? Meh...)

On top of it all, the narrator is good, the animation quality excellent, and the overall meshing of the piece top-notch. Sure the term Bourgeoisie may have been misused, but we all got what you were talking about. I say stick it to the man.

Lastly, and my personal favorite part, is the allusion to Ikari Gendo and NERV. It's like the only thing I think of when I think of crazy, wealthy people plotting. XD


Yaaaaaaaaaaaay (not)

I found that this was kinda boring and didnt like it but they are right wahy is dumb art worth millions

Abstract art = Doodoo

That was very insightful of you. It's ridiculous how many people consider paint splatters on a canvas "art". Oh well, I guess whatever tickles peoples' pickles is what goes.

Great flash!

that makes sense

come to think of it rich people are always the judges in art competitions

-nice animation and colors
-who ever did the narrator did it dead on to make it sound right
-the charters confusion shows that hes interested in the subject which rather got -me interested as well
-smooth flow and a quick educational lesson


Loved the way you described how High art came about and excellent Animation.
Also loved the Gendo Ikari refrence. LOL