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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

Is the art high or am I?

A well done animation for sure. The narration was good. I'm just glad that the narrator is supposed to be unreliable (though you can barely tell) because I found his argument to be fairly flawed. I'm sure Beethoven was thinking "I'm going to write a symphony orchestra in order to differentiate myself and others like me from the middle class" as he wrote his 9th. (note sarcasm)


Great piece of flash, it's both informative and comical. Also pretty rare with a more elite culture here at the shallow newgrounds base. Good graphics, good voicing, good story. Though I really miss the lip syncing, keep it going!



I always wondered how that worked. Makes sense, though. Afterall, only the rich and priveledged would consider much of what we consider "high art" to be just that. Some of that stuff is just UGLY.


Pretty cool

Too true

I've been saying it for years. The garbage that floats around worth millions is ridiculous. People are sheep, and they like art because somebody important says it's great.