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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

A bit confusing...

...because not many things like this are on Newgrounds. Personally, I truly believe that art is just about whatever you want it to be. It is more than scratches on a canvas. A very thought-provoking flash you've made...I love the last sentence and the choice for a credit song was wicked awesome.

Don't feel too bad about misusing the word "bourgousie," ; it was an honest mistake and at least you tried to use sophisticated words. It's like, if you never risked mistakes or misunderstandings, you'd have to stay pretty boring, you know? So thumbs up and keep creating!



the messagebehind it would be:


also, hman no one wants to read your useless drivel, stop cut and pasting from wikipedia

Art... meh

Some define art as an artist's shout to make a statement about something. If dipping your penis in a paintbucket and slapping it over a canvas is art, I wonder what is the message behind it.


You know, you've just confirmed what I've thought all along. This is why I'm making a real website about what I THINK are the best chicken fingers, no lie. The middle class has a voice too. Thanks for the information.

Art is the most important reason for learning

Unfortunately, I am borrowing a friend's computer to stay in touch with the Cyber world and don't have a Sound card to listen to the Soundtrack.
I'll stay in touch for the reason of responsibility to the forum.
I have read a few things about Art, both Classical and Modern from Sir Kenneth Clark and Leonardo himself.
These two gentlemen have much in common even if they lived nearly 600 years apart.
Their views of art are not so different.

The Master Leonardo was not very well recieved except by his Patron "the Church" in his own life.
Sir Kenneth, was given a very enviable job of trying to explain to the world just what the relevance of art was about.
Not surprisingly he visited the Master's notes and studios many times and reported on TV and in book what he felt was the "Meaning" of the study and the practice of Art.
Both men's understanding tried to explin to the world through their medium at the time, what the value of your life, my life and "our"lives are about.
The question that was presented in this video seems to be how do you begin to understand the langusage or the "tools", that these artists use to communcate with.
It is entirely up to you the viewer to decide what you like and remember that no matter what the Criticcs say is art, the ways of "talking" in the artists toolbox are developed because of the language that we all use.

I have recently been made aware of a very agressive argument that is literally burning up the Art world, in the lack of interest by the modern world in a style of art that is "modern" and conveys no emotion or individual style except on relating the world around to a series of abstract features that no one understands except the artist.
The Museums are losing attendance, the Art Dealers can only sell their product to the wealthy, Interior Designers and Decortators who sell their services to clients that don't understand art are losing business as well.
The modern art movement has produced a negative result that is measured in loss of revenue for the modern world and the point is that the Art world is facing a crisis that fuels this argument.....

The Classical forms that were taught from one generation to the next use d a mentoring system that trains the next generation of artists who repeat the process.
This produces similar forms of creation.
The Classical style that was followed for generations produced for us Sculpture and Forms that "we", the public could understand.
This styleof training has failed because noone understands what the artist is saying anymore.
Now look at the old "Classical" method of explaining the world and you are overwhelmed (in a good way) at the World that you see.
A visit to the Art museum and an inquiry as to the Art Style of 19th Century Europe will literally "knock your socks off".
N ow ask the Metropolitan if you can buy any of these lost treasures and they will jump over the counter to direct you to any studio that will sell original or reproduced art of that period.

When I saw my own Dallas Museum display of Modern art, I asked if I could look at the single example of Van Gogh there.
This little exaple of art was 1000 times more expressive and meaningful to me than any abstract represenation in Modern terms.
This is the argument that is causing all of the concern and this is my point for wasting so much space and your valuable time reading this message.

If Art, like Leonardo and Sir Kenneth Clark described, is sterile and devoid of meaning and emotion then the society that produces the art is also measured by the same rule.
For examples of meaning look at the Flags of the many nations of the world and read the histories of the designers to learn about the symbols...or look at anything by the Classical masters and ask yourself if the subject is understandable.
I recommend you read these fine works by the authors Leonardo and Sir Kenneth Clark.
Civilisation: A Personal View
Leonardo Da Vinci
Journals of Leonardo...reproduced many, many times throughout history.
Thank you.