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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

"If you paint it they will come"

Being one of my more elaborate reviews here I have to first say that the animation was top notch, the voice was TV quality and the message was overwhelmingmy recieved. First point is that this is the most unobstructed truth about art. The fact that other people buy it or like it doesn't really matter. The truth lies within your own private mind. "Do I like this piece of art or not?" is the question we should ask, not "Well I'm not wild about it but that crowd liked it so I guess its my new favourite!". This point was made abundantly clear. Second point, the rich do try and control the govt., and it is easy to see that when you read into presidential, senitorial or congressional campaigns. The funds brought into the parties make their way from high rollers who can quote unquote "Influence the issues that the party stands on". By liking a piece of art they, in essence, force the political candidate to like that piece. Unfortunatly the nation is now starting to head towards an open minded style where the rich can't keep their nooses tight on politics. This free minded spirit has released things like Newgrounds to the public so their voice can be heard in art. At the cost of a shakey govt. we are progressing towards a realization that money and power are pointless if you aren't happy with your own work. Final point is that there is no real judge of how well you have done except for you. These people on here who say "I threw this together in 5 minutes from old scraps of other animations I did" are mostly not out here for the art but rather for the praise and glory that comes with becoming a regular. I admit I have my "spotlight sickness" too but I wont ever let that get to me by trying to put out medeocre work for no meaning. Enjoy your art and all the effort you put into it, for truthfully art is only as good as what effort the artist puts into it. So enjoy making art and keep it up. Nearly everyone on here gives a lot of effort to get next to nothing and I'm happy to say it seems to just get better and better. Have a dream, set a goal and get to marching. Have a good day and don't forget, if you like it, doesn't mean another will or visa versa.


and sweet, really liked it. animation, voice, and topic. heh, i hate modern art..


I usually hate it when people use the "It's the man keep the little guy down" argument. But I generally am going to have to agree with you on this one. Some crap is just crap. Sure a developed sense and appreciation for art might let you see things in a piece you wouldn't otherwise see, but if you tell me crap like Jackson Pollock is art, you've just lost your hold on reality. It's not even to the point where you're just thinking about the piece in the abstract so you can find an appreciation for it; you just hear other people tell you it's art and you feel intimidated so you have to agree. There's definitely a snotty/bullying mentality to the world of art appreciation. Whether that is caused from aristocrats trying to keep separation from the middle class, or just a bunch of pompous assholes trying to tell other people what to think so they can keep inflating their ego with hot air, I don't know. But good video, nevertheless.


Good work. For me it nailed the feeling it was trying to convey. It reminded me of a documentary made by a conspiracy theorist. The overall animation was clean and I liked how the narrator sounded. As for your diction the Bourgeoisie, in a capitalist society, is considered the "new money". Meaning those who became rich rather than being part of the "old money" or Wealthy families. From what I can recall the Bourgeoisie partook in art and spending of money more readily than the "old money" because it was new and fresh to them. They had cash to burn, so in my mind I found your information to be close if not completely accurate.

I love you

and I'm so very happy you threw this into the fine selections of newgrounds.com