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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"


nice man
make more this is great.

well done, man

i cant really pick this one apart, its too good. :)

ok AW INSJK>bg

ok um evry retard who thinks that new grounds cant have any thing that has learning in it should be shot i fucking hate them. Good point & good animation

"On the money."

Not only is the animation nice and smooth and fitting to the subject;
I also like the humour injected at the right points.
But most of all, the ponit of this review (At least for me) is to appear highly intellectual, wear a monocle, and proclaim;

Yes. I do agree. Art is subjective, and just because some person claims something to be art doesn't mean *you* have to agree with him / her / it / yo momma.
Nice story. I hope it breaks into mainstream. Seems like the kind of thing that comedy channels could show in between shows.

"Because I Say So"

This movie effectively summarized all Art Theory classes I ever took. I'm pretty sure that I got an A+ for that same answer.

Oh, and solid animation.