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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"


I was never a fan of Jackson Pollock either. Not sure if I agree with you 100%, but I hate critics of any kind.


i feel you man... real talk

Stupid Picasso

I agree whole heartedly with this
And liked the presentation
Five and Ten, Man

Good message.

=D Nice message AND animation mate. The voice-over was good too. A red dot on a canvas is not art. I don't care what anyone says. Good job!

You were right

the first time!

I'm not sure what drurywalker is talking about.. Bourgeoisie refers to the middle class, yes, but at a time when aristocrats were the highest class. It NOW refers to what we know as upper class, the wealthy. In marxist theory, there were proletariate (working or low class) bourgeoisie (the wealthy merchants and owners) and the aristocrats (wealthy by virtue of birth). The class struggle was a struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariate as the aristocrats were rapidly loosing wealth and power as systems changed.

Anyway, without going too far into political history... great flash! Just thought I'd let you know you were right the first time.