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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

Your an idiot if you go "omg he's right, 10!"

Get some formal art training/history.

High art is a type of art. There are many forms of art. High art follows rules and traditions, it's what sets it apart. These rules and traditions are what make people appreciate it it's harder to do, that's why they are displayed in galleries.

And if some art isn't called high art, it's not disregarded, it's just another form of art. And yes, I consider high art better then lower forms of art. I can understand and appreciate the differences between high art and something inferior.

And before you call me an ass, consider this example. Food. Go to some classy nice place to eat, get chicken. Look at how the food is presented, taste the herbs and spices, notice how soft and juicy the meat is. Now go eat chicken from KFC. Both are chicken, but one is better then the other, cause it takes more skill to make. If you can't figure out the difference, to bad you can't appreciate the higher things in life.

Good animation, distorted message

This is High Art. Because I say so.

Lovin' that T-shirt! We have an award winner! Woohoo!

If your teacher doesn't give you an A+, tell her it won an award nad that her standards blow.


Nice drawing, good sound quality, and a fantastic message! I really hate some of the things that is considered "art" these days. There was some guy here in Sweden who dressed up like a chicken and sat in a tree for a couple of hours. The critics hailed him.


That is the truth and the truth shall set you free! I give it a 5, a 10 and I faved it.


well drawn
well narrated
well done