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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"


Awesome.... nice work, tight script, cute animation. :) I like the philosophy behind it. You, my friend, are a anti-social leftist commie! Power to the powerful! I <3 u... ;)

Not what I expected...

I expected it to be a flash of some guy smashing paint cans on the wall and throwing various paint-covered parts of his body against the same wall to form "high art". I was very wrong, but not to my disappointment, had I read your comments BEFORE-hand I would have understood it, still it was an excellent piece! Very informative and Im sure you nailed your final harder than a cheap hooker on a penny saving spree. Good job on you informative and satisfying piece of work!

Simple - In A Good Way

I like it - nice art style, good voice over (reminds me of Sim City for some reason) and a good message. It's straight to the point and no nonsense in a way, but it works and is pleasing to watch.

Very Good

I like the message and I like the idea behind it.

Very well done!

I agree with you whole-heartedly with your argument that people can choose what they deem as art, and what they deem as not-art. I, myself, find a lot of things t obe art. One of the things I don't find to be art... is pornography. But I'm sure the people who really enjoy it and are in the business of making it, believe it to be some sort of art form, but I do believe the human form, no matter what shape it is, to be art.

If I was your teacher marking this, I'd definitely give you 100%. It was very well put together, very informative and quite stylish to boot.