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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

Pretty funny idea

This is a forward-thinking concept. I would like to see more things like this, as the social/political aspects of this apply to current society. I have this debate with bourgeois and socialists every week. Class disparity is always growing and can create drastic problems. I applaud your efforts, and look forward to more. Viva la revolucion!


great movie.... and you did pronounce bourgeoisie right... well, unless all my history videos were wrong..... lol

A+ indeed

I'd give it an A+!

interesting subject and beautifully animated. lol @ ikari.


I really liked the film.

However, since we are commenting on your use of the word "bourgeoisie" I would point out that it is pronounced "boog-waa" not "boog-waa-zee."

... And if you ask Karl Marx it means the upper class but if you ask the revolutionaries of the French Revolution it referred to lower class people. According to my dictionary though, it means middle class Frenchmen.

High Art

I really liked it, very well animated

I agree so muhc with the message