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Reviews for "The Creation of High Art"

I liked it!

the animation was good, sound quality was awsome, and it was an allround good flash.

V monster review V

i agree

however not all high art, is high art just because of a RAVE a FAD or coz some hotshot said so. high art is generally the acculmination of all the artistic scientific art theories and principles, human anatomy , the bending of light and color, shade and texture of nature. bleh bleh bleh ....

what you depict is more likely the snobs artistic memorandum. for example one realy rich dude picks one anonymus artist regarless of talent BUYS ALL HIS WORK, displays them in his gallerys and shows them to his rich friends. tells them how HIGH ART they are and causes a BIG fuss about the artist and his works.

therefore the price of the artist works cost record high up tp 90 to 120 million a piece. after 5 to 10 years and people are disillutioned the very same art pieces will on ly cost 50 to 100 thousand euros.

REAL High art is hard to come by and expensive, LOWER RICH PEOPLE, to be part of the popular crowd of the ELITE, INVENTS high art, to show off, during parties.

" This PiECE of crap cost me 100 MILLION Souls" just for that this proves im better than you nye nye nye...

( thats the best way i can explain it ... i give up)

finally something substancial...

If your misused term means middle class, what is the 'proper' word for them rich bastards...? (chuckling...) This could be the first of a long line of high quality umm... blogs in the simplest sense or high quality opinions... i think. I'd be happy to join in discussions about anything regarding philosopy, politics, science and other topics started by flash like these for us minority who have at least something intelligent to say. ..


nice animation and the content was interesting - maybe i'm retarded when it comes to art but i cant understand how some bits are considered great pieces - what about my doodles - my mum thinks theyre good :P

Art Subject

The Art world and the WOrld of art

One- pertaining to the way the artist sees the world, painting, drawing, animating, composing, or just creating "art" for themselves and the world around them.

But the other- is the income of art. How much is art worth? Can you sell it to make a living? and what is the purpose of buying art?

My Uncle was a starving artist, trying to live off his art work month to month literally having no days where there was no food, no home, and no friends.

Even today my unce isn't able to paint what he wants too, for he is still living off of what others want to see him paint. He Paints these comissions to pay for the bills from his wife who currently has lung cancer and for his children. His kids are all grown up now, and even his son owns an art gallery to help support his father, but he stopped painting things for what his thoughts said.

It is sad that no one has ever tried, ever since Kenedy did, to help these artists. Gain recognition and/or just survive through a winter.

There is another artist that my Uncle knew, who used the same paints and canvasas he did. Painted the same style and lived only a town away from where he did on the East coast. This guy was well known, thought to be a genious and made millions. A few times my uncle met with him because the same company they used for paints and brushes were calling back some paints. My uncle lent him some tubes and the guy took them.
At a gallery, my uncle ran into the same man, and notice his paintings where on a different canvas, so he asked the guy what he was using.
The guys stuck up his nose and exclaimed that he would never tell him what equipment he used. That he has no respect for artists like him trying to steal his ideas and concepts and thaught of my uncle as a theif trying to steal his paintings off the wall and placing his name on them.

Shows who the people really like, a really confident, egotistical greedy man.
My uncle is really soft spoken and kind, not agressive at all and this is why I think his art does not take off like it should. But should an artist have to be this way or die before he or she is recognized for his or her talents?

This film is great information to the public, everything correct (except for the Bourgeoisie). Thank you for pointing this issue out