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Reviews for "Days Ahead"

Berry Relaxing

First of all, this is one of the best tracks i've heard on this site to date. Immediate favorite.

Second, 201**** you know who you are, who are you to say on behalf of the whole site what is popular here and what isnt? This site is about expressing your original content. Hence the name "New Gounds"

Bravo man, I clap hard at this! I'd ask for an encore, but it's on auto loop.

This is such a beautiful song. I love that you were inspired by a needle, I don't like needles that much either.


I cant say much here...its simply amazing

Mainly i am a hard guy and depressing songs dont get me down. Don't get me wrong! i LOVE songs that really make me feel sad and this song has that for sure but its just difficult to find such a song like this which is why i love it so freaking much

needless to say there is a bookmark on the top of my window with your name on it Hania <3

Shades of delerium, perhaps?

Now I'm gonna have to spend all my money for the week and go get Conjure One's and Delerium's latest efforts. Thanks for reminding me how good this type of song can be when in the right mindset. :^)

After hearing the lyrics, I feel that under the lyrics, you're missing the 'her' for the sentence that should be, "How long can HER mind suffer" instead.

Such a lovely and touching song though. Your voice is amazing.