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Reviews for "Days Ahead"

Pure bliss

Got goosebumps at 00:46. Love the instruments used, your voice is fantastic, and overall, just a wonderful song. 10/10 5/5

keep up the good work:)

as always you have hit a spot in my heart just what i needed on this day keep up the good work hania:)

and from the eye was shed a single tear.

wow, i visited here trying to find some good music , instead i found far more emotional. there's a site called kickstarter if you ever want to run donations for your stuff.

hania responds:

That's a great idea but one of the requirements of Kickstarter is that you are a US resident. I live in Australia :(

So im looking through my account

And this was the only audio That was in my favourites I forgot what song it was, but as I'm sitting here listening I know why I did


evanescense..>_> coooolll