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Reviews for "Days Ahead"


You have an awesome voice, one day I'll contact you for a collab :D

I put this song into my mobile and mp3 *-*


rly nice dude :3

Sweet and beautifull as always.

Love it once again, BUT (dum dum dum) i would really like to see you outside this negative'ish pop song scene even tough you are great for it. but in my opinion a true musicians power should be in versaitility. meaby it could just be because you prefer this style, but i would still love to see you in another genre :D

~Much love and support,



all of this song is awesom


Hello, this is Tom from TMB. I wanted to let you know that we would be interested in using your vocals in one or more of our songs. If you have a studio (or any other mic) available to use. We would like to send you some lyrics as well as the basic melodies of the vocals. I will send a link that is similar to our style and also serves as a good example of the vocals we are looking for."
here is the link
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8lGIk 21-cE
the times are 2:05-3:15 for when the vocals start