Reviews for "Lost Titles"

Doesn't fit

Lost is so populary mainly because it's so mysterious and thrilling - the theme song just didn't seem to match...
Neither does the selection of scenes point out the mystery and stress the lost-characters are confronted with, the scenes where just chosen by "coolness"
But especially the Scene "presenting" the character of loque is just far faaar away from the character itself.
So, this opening tune just does not match the series at all, sry.

TheWeebl responds:

Nothing gets past you does it?

TheWeebl = Front page.

Unfortunately TheWeebl does not always = great.

My rating is for the song, since the images you are not responsible for. It isn't bad, but it isn't too good either, so I feel 5 is an appropriate score.

TheWeebl responds:

I am responsible for the editing of them all together so you could give me a little credit for that.


it's absolutely amazing that you could get so much high quality video into there. however, i don't find that song that great... you had so much good material you could've spoofed. It's also a little short (~40s of song), but i can see how that would have been affected by the high quality video. Amazing in one sense, falls through in others.


I think it was pretty good, but LOST doesnt really interest me anymore since Charlie died and there are to many flash forwards, and flash backs. All in all a pretty good flash


So far for me ever being able to take LOST seriously now.