Reviews for "Spaceships"

good work

Keep up the awesomeness.

Pizza's great. Cheese is bad for you though. really fat. It's like, super-extreme concentrated milk. 10 gallons of milk go into a pound of cheese or something. Milk proteins are indigestible by your liver, causing liver damage aaaaand your body doesn't have the enzyme lactase to digest lactose which causes bad farts, indigestion, diahrrea, stomach pain, and intestinal bleeding. I love pizza too, but my pizza has no cheese on it! lawl.

AdamJack responds:

Cool! Thanks for the info. :)


That was the most random thing I have ever seen in my whole life.

i like it

sorta funny



Everything in the movie was funny. The humor deserves a 12/10.

But, unfortunately, the animation was not.

Because it was your first movie, the humor almost made up for it. I realize and know that you will get better at flash animation as you practice with it, but right now it settles to a 8/10 for me.

Keep up the audio based flashes!

AdamJack responds:

This isnt my first movie buddy. Thanks for the review and im glad you enjoyed it.


I smiled when it turned out it was the moon singing. Otherwise terrible.