Reviews for "Spaceships"


JUS fukkINg GRATE TOTTALLS AWESUM AMAZENG the best eva keep it up


Sorry to upset you im not a cricitc or some1 to ruin your day im just saying I really didnt like its like watching the First Jackass movie and again im not trying to piss any1 off but the effort was great.

pretty sweet

i liked it, the whole rubbish animation went with the audio, ur a funny guy
silly sausage spaceship:)

oh yeh are you irish u sound pretty irish...

AdamJack responds:

No man. Another person thought i was Australian. I'm English and live in England. Thanks for watching. :)


I think it's funny and all. But I don't think that it's newgrounds material.

haha :D

This reminds me of Freddy Got Fingered... It's like a Tom Green-ish kind of humor... Great job C: