Reviews for "Spaceships"

Couldn't finish it >_<

No offense, but I really just found it stupid. And not the funny stupid I was hoping it would be.

The art work sucked, and the plot was... well strange to say the least. Even the voicing was screwy.

Can't really give you a high score though.. Guess some people just wont find it funny. :s


freaking amazing!

This was too well done! Chaotic at best, but utterly brilliant. I loved the moon!

It was OK

It was pretty good but the animation was kinda "suckish" anyway it was pretty fun though.


LOL that was sooooooooo funny :D:D:D

silly sausage spaceship XDD


Usually anyone who tries this style sucks, but this is really good. It's like it's bad, but in a good way. Really weird.