Reviews for "Spaceships"


best flash ever, I'm pretty sure I pooped my pants with laughter...

I love you man

Funny things: XD XD XD

space shi7, silly sausage, flaying, spreading sweets on your 4ss, "oh noes" guy, the arms of the space ship when he say "...by spreading lot of SWEETS across the earth", an finally the siniging monn, above all in the "squalcs woolsdsa" part!!!

Loved it!

I really love your random sense of humor, this submission made me laugh a number of times. The basic drawing style really adds to it's charm and really compliments with the voice acting. Keep up the great work and I'm lookng forward to your next submission!


this was one funny video, totally not what I expected, keep it up =]

teh shit!

litterally... that was soo... it made very little sence... next time at least have something of mild amusment to human beings involved... please?