Reviews for "Travelin' [7000]"

Space travel trippin on lucy i'm seein diamond sky

Meye GHAW. this is mytee nyce, the pauses give you time to kill a straight 40 bars on this bad bitch, the space melody at the out is really nice to cue you to stop freestyling soon and make it a real poduct. I say it wins, and thats all that matters to me


I'm surprised that I'm the first to comment here. The beat is flawlessly ill. Loving the sample, that slide down the guitar frets is so sexy. And I'm loving how that slide and the fills are panned to the right ear and the rhythmic guitar panned to the left. Such a jazzy bassline. You got the perfect drum pattern to compliment the jazzy guitar and bass. Then that synth sequence you got towards the end, such a different sound but a very good addition.

I wish this beat was longer so I could write a track to it. This beat gave me some inspiration to stop being lazy and get my write and record on.

- P.

Sirhc7000 responds:

Yo thanks!! Yeah, I got bumped down by zero-bombers so I haven't really gotten that much exposure yet lol.

I dunno why, but I like to keep my beats short for some reason. It gives it sort of a beat tape feel IMO lol. Thanks for the review P.