Reviews for "Super Smash bros ST 5"


- one thing that really bothered me was the missing punctuation. add that in, and you've got 11/10


that was very cool


that was pretty nice, was waiting for this one xD

Awesome but...

there was one thing that made me laugh it was the mario snake and M.A and C.A because it was like BUMMBUMMBUMBUNA MWAHAHAH BUMHAMBUMHAHAHBUM!

Great series

I really love this series, but i would like to say why it didnt get the full 10/10 No offense, but there are a lot of typos in the movie. Just watch you spelling.

Example: tought is not correct, thought is how it is spelled.

Great series, im just saying, watch the spelling a little closer and you will get the full 10/10 next time =)