Reviews for "Super Smash bros ST 5"

i thougt this would be epic when link is really angry its like naruto of his nine tails form but link transform not into the nine tails but fierce deity in the begin his eyes are whole white and he has the red ting on his head and the bleu ting above is head and when he alsmost die an huge explosion came en link trully transform into the fierce deity whitout his mask and then he KICK THE ASS he is just the same side then en DEAFETS GIGA BOWSER but that would really be epic

666 bowser is a fuckin satan clon XDD

hey where part 7!?!?!?


I was wrong, sonic got his ass kicked more then master hand or crazyy hand. At least he beat the shit out of giga bowser. Good job though.

yeah ok but..

nice graphics, cool idea but... where is the rest? i don't just mean the sequel but this was like 20 secs, seriously i think i farted and missed it all. keep going please you have skill but longer, stronger and... well longer