Reviews for "History of an Animation"

Really cool

It was very creative, and quit unique. I also felt that the music fit the animation well. Great job.


That was so cool and very interesting.


Awesome dude!

from flipbook to cartoons to films! nice idea good audio and most of all great drawings! Good work dude


i watched it and thought it was a pretty neat idea, the way you put everything together and stuff, and i liked the idea of the flip book thing as well. but i thought the "storyline", if you could call it that, seemed a bit pointless, until i read your comments on the movie. now i see what the point of the movie was, and i reckon it was a pretty cool way of showing how far you've come as an animator. (Y)

Great idea.

Very well executed and imaginative.

I would like to see your full movies.

5/5 and 10/10