Reviews for "History of an Animation"


the idea was great but you can obviously tell that you looped the background. thats the only thing that doesnt look good.

'twas crunk fo' shizzle, 'twas very gangsta

you've inspired me to draw agian, that was really cool!
I love the stickman at the start.
Similar to the Home Made DS, you should have made an animation on your study table, best of luck to you, man.


That was crunk fo shizzle! I LUV it! Will you marry me??? I luv u!

That sucked...

Man that really sucked. All it was is you flipping some paper and then drawing over it with a brush tool in flash, it is almost as bad as those Stickmen in real types of animation you see around.

I was expecting something like you showing a real flipbook animation then it transition into a basic animation then into flash animation or something. Just anything but that. Terrible.

way cool

i dunno man, i just liked it, good job