Reviews for "History of an Animation"

All but perfect.

While I have to mark off a small bit for the end animation, I have to say that was very entertaining. Keep up the good work, and I'm sure you'll be a great animator!
(BTW, what's "My Blueberry Nights", the movie on the poster next to yours? Just curious.)

Jasmerrin responds:

I honestly have no idea.


While the animation ended up not being as good as some animators may have been able to make it, the journey was great. I loved the use of live action and it ended up being very meta. If you keep the creativity up on high like that and increase your drawing ability, you could end up very popular.

like my teacher once told me

*loudly* Very nice *softly* very nice

great idea

pretty creative, but it could use some work, maybe make it a bit more smoother? thats really the only fault i saw in this. if it was more fast-paced and each frame ran more smoothly to the next, it would be 10/10.

still, well done :)

Good Job! Aliasing is quite obvious, though...

I think I saw that poster in my local theater, heh.

One bit of advice would be to use a digital still camera for video, as then you wouldn't run into the aliasing / pixelation problems you were having there.