Reviews for "History of an Animation"

nice effort

awesome quality and lots of effort.5/5 and 10/10

Blew me away!

The entire thing just blew me away and made me all giddy. It's just so rare to see one person's animation history to see how they've learned and how they've grown. In a sense, it seems like it's the history of animation itself. From paper to computer screens. I absolutely loved this submission and hope that you contribute more of your talent to this site. :D

I don't believe my eyes

that was very well done. The art itself wasn't the best I've ever seen but the animation made the whole thing worth watching and very enjoyable.

i must say

i am impressed this is quite the animation and seeing it from a student gives me hope for the flash world yet, great job hope to see more!

that was pleasant

make another one...with bunnies this time ^^