Reviews for "History of an Animation"


this was kinda of boring

i give u 15/10

do i need to say more?

If Jojovill lost to anything, I'm glad it's this.

Haha. I know I'm a bit late here but on the same day your animation acheived front page, Jojovill episode five was Daily Second. Not that I think it's the greatest animation around but I was curious to see what it lost to. Let me just be first to say... I'm glad it was you and your very inspiring animation that it lost to.

The transitions were amazing. The whole thing was planned beautifully. And while the lighting could've been better in some places, you still did really, really well!

Here's a shout-out from a voice actor who hath seen many-a animation... but quite possibly, none quite as intriguing.

Take care! And keep it up!

- Tinker Jet

Jasmerrin responds:

Wow. That was a very thoughtful, very kind review. Thank you very much for your advice - I did the best I could with house lights, windows, and cardboard, but I'll try to get some more lighting experience before my next film (my next one that incorporates live action, that is). Anyways, I really appreciate that you both liked my movie and took the time to tell me so. Thanks!

some of its fake

some of its fake


nice that was good di you draw those or did someone else?