Reviews for "Adolf Hitler:CAI493+D 235"


Really nice song on this one you have some good taste in picking the music and it was fitting to this one, the art on the backround of this was pretty amazing, Some more animation on this would really be cool, the pokemon character here was nice and the detail on hitler was notbad

Some more animation on this would really be cool


Muffin responds:

you're so dedicated, love it <3

what the the hell
2 out of 25
you the suck and you put a adolf hitler there the picture is the smeargle and i will always say fuck the you

Please stop resubmitting this.

The only difference between this and the other 234 submissions is the picture and song at the end. Spamming these daily is not only annoying, it is also disrespectful to the authors who actually put effort into their submissions. Please add original animation to these or stop submitting them at all.

People are mean!

the people here dont say anything nice.. the movie is pretty bad, a little funny, but i chuckled through it
good job! high five!

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:


I strongly agree with azteca89

If you're not going to make a conscientious effort in making a flash then don't bother submitting them. All you're accomplishing is the flooding of the portal with garbage. Kindly find another place to host this crap because we could do without it.
When it comes to the rating system, this bypasses it completely. What the hell IS the point then? These flashes seldom make it a 2 or above. There is no humor, no animation, no wit, intelligence, work, nothing! I've watched enough of these to get the jist of them. Stop burdening us with your worthless SWF files.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

Over 200 of these have passed with a score above 2. How is that seldom?