Reviews for "Escape from Scientology"

Great Game

Kept me occupied for a while
I like most of it, at first the transition between rooms is weird, but after a second it gets better.

fun but...

Great game, fun concept. There should have ben some way to regain health though. If there was I didn't find it. Having to restart kinda sucks too. Over all a fun game. I'll be checking out those sequels.


Just loved the scenerio. The only thing i would change is the environment. If we are talking scientology, this should have taken place on mars or in a bio lab. HA. Good game man

NICE! But where's my boomerang?

Great game, just like the other guy said, this felt alot like Zelda: A Link to The Past. My only suggestions are say, a charged up spin attack (lol) when you hold the spacebar, a boomerang, and somehow implement those little coins for something other than score. Like a more powerful weapon or w/e lol. Good job :P

LiquidGeneration1 responds:

Yep, Zelda was a HUGE inspiration for this game.

Pretty good

I especially like the Travolta. The only problem I found with it was Issac Hayes being an ally. As you may or may not know, he left South Park because they insulted Scientology.