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Reviews for "Underneath"


Shit man, that was awesome! Loved the style and the music went along really well. Not much to say to improve on lol. Maybe a few more frames on things like the baseball part? Keep em coming! That was great! Remember me when this gets on the front page lol


The music is suitable for this animation, i love it <3.
I loved the way you made the hand look like it was still in the show while it showed something else eg. The guy pushing the trolley.

Two more words ^_^ Great job.


If there's one thing I like in this world, it's hands.
The human hand is an amazing tool, and I love the complexity and at the same time simplicity of its structure. Our hands are perhaps the one thing other than our brains which have allowed to become who we are, and I think this little film depicts that perfectly. I mean without our hands, what are we??

Beautifully done! I myself would never have guessed that a freakin' mouse had drawn this! Kudos, man! I can't draw squat with my mouse! I'm totally dependent on my computer drawing pad thingy (loser:P).

Freakin' awesome!


I thought that this was great!
Amazing work and awesome audio


I love your animation. Hey Ben-The-Riderlook under author, and its says audio. Click GFB23! And from there download =]